WooCommerce custom product price calculator plugin

WooCommerce is an e-commerce plugin based on product sales. If you want to sell measurable products, then you need to extend Woocommerce. To do so, we can use the Measurement Price Calculator. With this plugin, you can sell products priced out based on unit or you can let your customers add their own amounts with Quantity Price Calculator. Besides, I should also mention that it supports variation products as well.

We will be comprehensively reviewing the Measurement Price Calculator in this article so get a cup of coffee and sit back.

It’s $129 and totally worth it, there is no serious free alternative out there.

What we can sell?

First of all, let’s have a look at some of the ways we can use the plugin.

  • Wallpaper in rolls in suitable dimensions for customer’s room
  • Fencing in to determine borderlines of a garden
  • Coffee that is on sale based on weight
  • Wrapping paper based on the area of the surface
  • Colored fabric that should be bought in yards
  • Tile that is on sale in batches that covers a definite surface
  • Mulch that can be sold in volumetric units such as cubic yard based on the input by customer as surface x height
  • Carpet or wall-to-wall carpet in centimeters or yards
  • Stone or wood flooring in centimeters or yards
  • Meat sale in kilograms for butchers

And many other possibilities. Firstly, I want to tell you the measurement units supported by the plugin so that you can consider if it is suitable for your shop or not.



Kilometer(km), meter(m), centimeter(cm), millimeter(mm), inch(in), foot(ft), yard(yd), mile(mi)


Hectare(ha), square kilometer, square meter, square centimeter, square millimeter, acs, square mile, square yard, square foot, square inch

Area Length X Width: Use this measurement to have the customer prompted for a length and width to calculate the area required. When pricing is disabled (no custom dimensions) this calculator uses the product area attribute or otherwise the length and width attributes to determine the product area. Available Dimensions: kilometer(km), meter(m), centimeter(cm), millimeter(mm), inch(in), foot(ft), yard(yd), mile(mi)

Perimeter (2L + 2W): Customer input length and width to calculate the linear distance. Available dimensions: kilometer(km), meter(m), centimeter(cm), millimeter(mm), inch(in), foot(ft), yard(yd), mile(mi)

Surface Area 2(LW, LH, WH ): Customer will input length, width and height to calculate the surface area. Available dimensions: kilometer(km), meter(m), centimeter(cm), millimeter(mm), inch(in), foot(ft), yard(yd), mile(mi)

Volume (AxH): This is used for customer to enter area and height so that the customer can calculate required volume.

Weight: Kilogram, gram, ton, pound, ounces

Room Walls: kilometer(km), meter(m), centimeter(cm), millimeter(mm), inch(in), foot(ft), yard(yd), mile(mi)

You can change default measurement settings via Settings > Product > General

Measurement Price Calculator Plugin

When you install the plugin, you will see Measurement screen on add product page, there we can arrange product related settings.

As an example, let’s select Dimensions and continue. If you want tto show unit cost, check the box under Dimensions field.

Later you can select unit and add text into this area.

You know, if you sell product, you enter the price via General screen. What if we are get paid based on a unit? In this case, we check “Calculated Price” checkbox.

Did you realize that Price Table is now activated?There we will make all our calcultions.

By the way, you also have the chance to calculate it based on weight and inventory.

Furthermore, you can enter Overage value as well.

Go to pricing tab and select range value and price. You can also define discounted price.

Let’s see the things we have done until now on our product page.

How Plugin Calculates Area

Above, we entered one dimension and have the price calculated. What if we want to make area calculation and we need 2 dimensions? In fact, we will do the same thing. You will request your customer to enter length and width information and the plugin will calculate automatically. Let us see the configuration I made on admin dashboard.

At the end, your product will look like below.

If you want to fix a value and let your customer enter the others, you need to limit “Length Input” as shown below. Or, you can enter multiple values – you need to separate these values with a comma.

If you want to limit the values entered, or if you want to have conntrol over increment value, you need to enter min, max and increment values for each dimension.

Selling a Product in Kilogram

Let’s give our last example for butchers. If you want to sell meat in kilograms, you need to select weight. In addition, you can writee anything in the label field. I wanted to write “meat” and set increment value as 0,5kg so that my customer will be able to increase the amount by 0,5kg.

Let’s have a lok at how it looks to our customer.

Before concluding, we should say that it has conflicts with the following plugins:

  • Composite Products
  • Product Bundles
  • Name Your Price
  • If you don’t check “calculate inventory”, it works with Product Add-ons well in general.


As you see, features of this plugin can be used in many different business areas and can be customized easily. If, in spite of these, you think that anything is missing, you can contact us via this form and request free of charge quotation for your customized need.

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