How to Display the Discount Percentage?

[et_pb_section admin_label=”section”] [et_pb_row admin_label=”row”] [et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text admin_label=”Text”] You made a discount but your customers don’t know the rate. It is bad for your sales. To attract attention, the best way is display the discount percentage on the sale badge. This article tells the shortest way for it and gives a snippet. After the snippet, the … Read more

Apply Discount by Cart Amount

If you want to apply a discount by cart amount, this article tells how to do this and gives a snippet. Shortly, if the cart total is bigger than your target value, the cart total will be discounted. Copy & paste the below code to your function.php: After paste it, WooFocus Discount Panel will be … Read more

Show shipping Info on Cart Page

If your customers don’t see shipping costs on the buying process easily, some customers can think the buying steps are unclear. Maybe it causes losing customers. This article tells how to display shipping costs on WooCommerce. Shortly, you want to display shipping information like this: However, your payment process is shown like this: It is … Read more

How to know order completed on WooCommerce

How to know order completed on WooCommerce

Recently, one of my customers wanted to automatically mark an order on WordPress as completed one day after the order. As you may know, cron-job process in WordPress does not working like cron-jobs in PHP. If you have low amount of visitors, the first visit triggers it. Additionally, some cache plugins may prevent this but … Read more

WooCommerce custom product price calculator plugin

WooCommerce is an e-commerce plugin based on product sales. If you want to sell measurable products, then you need to extend Woocommerce. To do so, we can use the Measurement Price Calculator. With this plugin, you can sell products priced out based on unit or you can let your customers add their own amounts with … Read more

Display NEW Badge on recent products

Displaying new badges on product images more attracts customers’ attention to new products. In this way, you can get more sales and provide more ease of use to your customers while product researching. If you want to display a new badge for new products, this article tells how to make it with a PHP code … Read more

WooCommerce Country Tax Codes

I saw a lot of people have a hard time to write their country code in the WooCommerce TAX field. Because of that you see your TAX won’t be applied because you write wrong Country Code. Especially people from United Kingdom. WooCommerce United Kingdom Country Code isn’t the UK, it’s GB. You can see All … Read more

Add Content to WooCommerce Product Loop

Adding content to a specific place inside the WooCommerce Loop will make this field visible. These fields are subject to change depending on every user’s needs. Therefore in this article, I will be listing as many possibilities as possible and providing solutions. Firstly, before we move on with coding, let’s have a look at why … Read more